About Temple Services


AMA Temple Services is an initiative by AMA Vedic Services enabling devotees to book various Pooja / Archana / Seva Services for their Ishtadeivam or Kuladeivam temples& fullful their prayers. Through this initiative, we look forward to bridge the gap between temples and devotees, by not just enabling an online portal for seva bookings, but also support temples in raising funds for various aspects like Kumbhabishekam, Functions, Events, Building, Construction, Maintenance etc.



What do we offer in our Temple Services?


You can book abhishekam for deities of any temple from your mobile, desktop or laptop mentioning your name, nakshatra and gothra with us. We will make arrangements for the abhisheka and help you receive the benefits of the abhishekam


We will send the prasadham by courier and make you attain the complete benefit of the abhisheka you want to perform


Our authentic web friendly services make things comfortable for you & support you achieve your intended benefits. It is just an order made through your device which is sufficient for you to gain tons of religious benefits.


We will provide the invoice for every booking made.


Contact us for completing your religious goals


With a few clicks reach us at our website and book online for conducting poojas and abhishekam to your favourite deities in temples of your choice.


We are bringing a complete list of temples for your service very soon.


Who are we?


This an Initiative of  AMA Vedic Services